Mtwara Bajaji is a racing and exploration game set in Mtwara, Tanzania.
You must drive a Bajaji along dirt tracks, through beaches, over ditches
and more. It was made over about a week while staying in Mtwara
as a response to the current situation in Mtwara and a record
of a rapidly changing area.

You can either play it on the web or download it, however
to play it online you will need the Unity web player also,
remember to click inside the window otherwise the
controls won't work. To download, click the apropriate
link below. Go to: file --> download. Then, just launch
the app file.

Controls: W, S, A and D to move up, down, left and right.

Mtwara Bajaji Online

Mtwara Bajaji for Windows

Mtwara Bajaji for Mac

Mtwara Bajaji for Linux